The Northwest’s Renewable Bounty

Hydropower: The Northwest’s Renewable Bounty

In the Northwest, the force of falling water takes an unpredictable resource —rainfall and snowpack—and turns it into a reliable source of electricity called hydropower.

  • Renewable: Each year the hydrologic cycle brings water to our rivers and over 370 hydroelectric projects. They generate over 30,000 megawatts of electricity, which is enough to meet the annual power needs of millions of homes.
  • Clean: Washington, Oregon and Idaho are three of the five states with the lowest carbon dioxide emission rates, making our carbon footprint among the smallest in the country.
  • Low cost: On average, living in this region means you pay 28% less for electricity than the rest of the nation.
  • Abundant: Hydropower produces about two-thirds of the Northwest’s electricity each year. Nine of the ten largest hydroelectric projects are on the Columbia River.

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