Stream Enhancements

Strategy: Improve Shoreline and In-Stream Habitat Conditions
Issues: Nutrient Loading, Water Temperature, Oxygen Levels, Sedimentation and Erosion, Fish Migration, Fish Populations, Wildlife Habitat Conditions

Changing water levels can be a significant source of erosion and sedimentation. Use of vegetation is one method of stabilizing banks and thus minimizing this issue. Another method is to add vegetation to stream banks. In addition, stabilizing banks can improve wildlife access to these areas.

Careful management of vegetation, including plant removal within a river, can also be employed to address issues related to nutrient loading and reduced oxygen levels.

Further, the stream and tributary conditions that flow into a reservoir or project are of great importance. By restoring spawning areas and using materials such as logs and vegetation to restore instream habitat structures, the health of these areas can be enhanced. Working with property owners and government agencies to do this may be part of a project owner’s commitment to assist with maintaining the overall health of a watershed area.