Curriculum Units

Introductory ExercisePerpetual Flow Activity

Unit 1 – What is the Water Cycle?
Activity A Can you identify the properties and states of water?
Activity B Can you make dirty water clean?

Unit 2 – How is Flowing Water an Energy Source?
Activity A Will water falling twice as high create a splash twice as large?
Activity B Can water pressure influence water flow?
Activity C Will changing the slope of falling water affect how fast it flows?

Unit 3 – How Can Work Be Done With Water Power?
Activity A Can the force of falling water be used to lift a weight?
Activity B Can a water wheel be used to generate electricity?
Activity C Can a reservoir be used like a rechargeable battery?

Unit 4 – How Can a Dam Affect a River?
Activity A Can you identify members of the food pyramid?
Activity B Do the same plants and animals that live a reservoir live in a river?

Unit 5 – How Can Community Values Affect the Energy Resources We Select?

Unit 6 – How Can Communication of Scientific Knowledge Influence Others?

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