Make Your Own Hydropower provides students with a hands-on exploration of generating electricity with water power. This is a thematic unit geared toward seventh through ninth grade students.

By constructing the model successfully, students will learn and demonstrate the principles of generating electricity. As they explore the role of hydropower, the source for over 60% of electrical generation in the Northwest and 10% nationally, students can also consider other sources of electrical generation. Which of these sources, like hydropower, is renewable? Which are growing sources of generation? Where might future sources of electrical generation come from?

An enterprising person might review the materials list and gather the necessary parts to build a turbine. However, it is easier to purchase a kit. Click on the order form for purchasing information. Individual and classroom sets are available.

An individual kit is ideal for a science fair project, a demonstration, or other unique project. A classroom set includes four kits, allowing a class to divide into groups to collaboratively build a model. The curriculum shows how each group can be subdivided to construct one component of the model and then collaboratively assemble the kit. This activity can be completed in one to three class periods.

The kit and curriculum were developed by the Foundation for Water and Energy Education (FWEE). FWEE is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing balanced and informative views concerning the sources, benefits and impact of using water as a renewable resource in the Northwest.

For additional information about the Nature of Water Power or other materials available from FWEE, call (509) 535-7084 or email us.