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Apple touts Deschutes hydropower in new green energy report

By Mike Rogoway

Apple put the Deschutes River on the cover of its annual environmental responsibility report, highlighting a hydroelectric project it acquired in 2012.

The small facility near Haystack Reservoir won’t come close to meeting the energy demands for Apple’s data center about 25 miles away in Prineville, but the company held it up as an example of the work it’s doing to improve its environmental stewardship.

Apple hadn’t previously discussed its hydro initiative. In Monday’s report, the company says the project is capable of generating 12 million kilowatt-hours of power – perhaps 5 percent of what a fully built data center would require. (Like large solar projects, the Oregon hydro project likely qualifies for tax incentives that Apple can use to offset its federal tax liability.)

Apple says it’s relying on wind energy for nearly all the rest. Like other big tech companies, Apple says it’s committed to fighting climate change by reducing its carbon emissions and relying on renewable energy sources. Read more

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