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The Life Cycle: Hatchery project enhances fish, saves water

By Christine Pratt
Wenatchee World

WENATCHEE — A pilot project under way at the Eastbank Fish Hatchery is conserving huge amounts of water and could one day revolutionize the way salmon are raised to offset the numbers of fish killed while navigating the Columbia River’s hydroelectric dams.

Joe Miller, hatchery program manager for the Chelan County PUD, says a “water reuse” system in place at Eastbank uses nearly 90 percent less water than the traditional, rectangular concrete raceways that have been the industry standard for decades.

That’s important, especially considering that not everyone who depends on that water has fins and a tail. (more…)

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Too Much Power in the Northwest?

By Erin Mills
East Oregonian

BPA declines to allow wind farms ‘negative pricing,’ for times of overgeneration between water, wind

The proliferation of wind turbines in the Pacific Northwest has exacerbated the old problem of overgeneration for the Bonneville Power Administration.

Overgeneration typically happens every year during surging spring runoffs. In the past, BPA simply asked other power plants on its grid to shut down and allow more room for hydropower.

Although dams spill water at certain times to aid the downstream salmon migration, excessive spill produces high concentrations of gas in the water, which is bad for fish. It can cause gas bubble trauma, similar to the bends in divers. (more…)

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